Is it Cheaper to Live in a Luxury Hotel in London?

It is now cheaper to live in a luxury hotel than to rent a luxury house in some parts of the capital, according to the latest study. An analysis conducted by the travel website revealed that throughout central London, it might be possible to save money on luxury accommodation by packing your bags and moving to a hotel. Premier Inn, which began its journey in the late 1980s, has 800 hotels and more than 70,000 rooms across the British Isles. The brand is continuously improving its products, competing with Travelodge.

For longer stays, Premier Inn is a great option as it offers what you pay for and more. The average room size is 229 square feet, which is not much different from an average double room at a Fairfield Inn by Marriott. The beds are manufactured in the UK by Hypnos, which supplies the royal family. All rooms have tea and coffee making facilities, desks, and well-connected workstations.

The bathrooms usually have powerful and very hot showers, and almost all new properties have air conditioning. If you're looking for a luxurious overnight stay in central London, hotel prices typically range between 250 and 350 pounds sterling per night. Even in Mayfair, one of the capital's most exclusive areas, tenants would save around 57 pounds a week if they moved to a five-star hotel if they booked through Top Secret Hotels. On the other hand, 4-star hotels in central London typically cost between 125 and 200 pounds per night. Rising rental prices in the capital mean renters could save money if they stay in luxury hotels. Since the cost of renting in London increased by seven percent in the last year alone, luxury hotels became cheaper as prices fell by five percent over the same period. Your British friends might make fun of the quality of the sausages; but for anyone who's used to American hotel breakfasts; which are never really free; a breakfast at the Premier Inn is like a revelation.

The fire doors that go up and down corridors help keep things secret; as does the quiet zone policy; in force in all hotels; and the goodnight guarantee; which promises you that we'll refund your money if you don't sleep well. Turns out; even after years of traveling there on request; I didn't know much about how hotels work in the United Kingdom or across English Channel. The soundproofing is no better or worse than that of any hotel in its category; and I would undoubtedly rate it better than that found in many American hotels that cost much more. If you're thinking about visiting London soon or just want to get an idea of how expensive it is to stay there; you might be wondering how much hotels cost. Well; now you know!.

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